Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wanita MCA wants to do more for disabled

KUALA LUMPUR: Wanita MCA wants to do more than just contribute money to the disabled.

Its chief Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen said yesterday that the wing always looked for ways and means to provide support for all sectors, especially the poor and disabled.

“We do not believe in just giving money because that is short term. This is the second year the wing has participated in giving mobility to the disabled and we want to do more,” she said after presenting a cheque for RM20,000 to Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled for its Project Care “Gift of Life” for the Disabled.

“One of the important empowerment processes is the ability to move freely, and the handicapped must be given as many opportunities as possible to better their lives.

“The public should have greater understanding of this need,” she said.

Lending a hand: Dr Ng (second from left) and other Wanita MCA members joining foundation members (in red) in a sing-along yesterday.

On a separate note, Dr Ng said the wing would start its professional curtain sewing courses next month.

“This is one way to pursue home economy,” she said.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Joint Dongzi and Christmas celebration


FOR the fourth consecutive year, Petaling Jaya MP Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun's office is organising an event to bring the public and the disabled together. It is to celebrate Dongzi and Christmas.

It will be held on Dec 22 on the second floor of the Atria Shopping Complex in Damansara Jaya.

Come one, come all: Wendy Chan (left) and Victor Gu, Chew’s assistant service team leader, at the press conference to announce the event.

The event will feature various activities such as an art competition, Tong Yuen (glutinous rice ball) making competition, lucky draw, Beautiful Gate choir and dance troupe.

Some of the participants will be from the Beautiful Gate Foundation, SS2 Lovely Disabled Home and Taman Mayang Disabled Home.

Organising committee chairman Wendy Chan said there will also free hair cut, eye tests, health checks and mammograms for the disabled at the event.

"From last year's Gift of Life programme, we managed to collect 111 gifts for some disabled friends and since then there has been more applications from needy disabled friends.

"Now we require 54 units of detachable light weight wheelchairs, 10 units of three-wheeled motorcycles, 24 units of motorised wheelchairs, three units of computers and 23 units of medical cushions. These gifts can really help our disabled friends to improve their lives and generate income.

"The public can help acquiring these gifts," she said representing Chew who was unable to make it to the press conference due to her recent accident.

Chan said Chew hoped to make it for the event on Dec 22.

Various sponsors from the community support the event.

Voter's registration will also be open on the event day. There will also be a booth for the registration of the disabled people by Majlis Kebajikan Dan Pembanguan Masyarakat (Mayang).

Those who would like to register for the Tong Yuen competition can call 012-2020998 to register as participation is only limited to 20 people.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Only for the disabled

SOME 100 disabled people from the Klang Valley gathered at the Centro Mall in Klang last Sunday for a free health check sponsored by various parties.

Many of them arrived as early as 9am at the event organised by Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled, preparing themselves for blood and urine tests as well as Electrocardiogram (ECG).

The foundation executive director Sia Siew Chin said they appreciated the generous gesture of all the parties involved in making the charity event a success.

This was the third annual event provided for the disabled people who could not afford the health examinations, she said.

Vital check: A volunteer taking blood from Tan Siew Wee from Klang Beautiful Gate during the event at Centro. Looking on are Song (second from right) and Sia (left).

“It is sad to see that many of them do not go for their yearly health checks simply because they cannot afford to pay,” she said after the closing of the event by Kapar MCA division chief Datuk Song Kee Chai.

Sia said a disabled friend had died of cancer and added that he could have survived if he had gone for regular health checks and detected the ailment early.

“Physical health is very important to a disabled person in order for him or her to live independently,” she said.

She hoped that more disabled people would take part in such events in the future.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Centre welcomes recyclable items from the public

IF you have old newspapers, books, clothes, electrical appliances, computer, cans, glass and plastic items, you can get rid of them for a good cause.

The public can contribute to charity by giving away the recyclable items to The Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled.

The foundation’s executive director Sia Siew Chin said the items collected would be sold for cash and the money would be used for the centres’ various charity projects or to finance its daily expenses.

“Selling the recyclables help to generate some income for the centre’s disabled members,” she said.

Members of the public can send the items to the centre at No. 29, SS2/59, Petaling Jaya or call them at 03-78736579 or 03-78758609 or SMS to 019-2198440.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Proud to be free


IT was tough at first, but their determination to be independent motivated them to keep going. Today, the beautiful people of the Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled are proudly operating their own market stalls.

After five months of trial-and-error, their four market stalls selling flowers, recycled items, vegetables and newspapers at Jalan SS2/62 in Petaling Jaya are now running smoothly.

Their day starts at 6.30am when they set up the stalls. The location of the four stalls is convenient, just at the beginning of Jalan SS2/62, so that they need not struggle on their wheelchairs to the centre or further side of the market.

According to Beautiful Gate executive director Sia Siew Chin, the home was given two licences to trade five years ago but the location was too far in the middle of the market, making it difficult for the disabled persons to access.

”As a result, we could not operate properly and later did not renew the licences,” Sia said.

Business opportunity: Sia (in red T-shirt) attends to two customers at the recycled items stall.

In 2004, the MPBJ built a RM420,000 barrier-free zone from the location of the Beautiful Gate centre on Jalan SS2/24 to the market area, making accessibility easy for the disabled persons.

The home was granted four licences in August this year but the stalls could only be properly established in the last few weeks.

Sia said the programme was to train more disabled people in business to enable them to achieve independence by earning their own income.

“We take it as a training ground for the disabled people to do business. Right now, we are training the trainees to develop business skills,” she said.

“It is good for them as it helps build self-confidence and later, they would be able to start their own businesses. Helping them to be independent is our long-term objective,” she said.

Here you go: Lai Soo Kong handing over newspapers to customers

While some of the products are for sale at the market, the public can also visit the home in SS2 to place orders for flowers.

Chitra Subramaniam took a flower arrangement course conducted at the home when she joined it in April this year.

Chitra is now creating beautiful floral decorations for sale at the market.

“I am interested in this art and I am glad I learnt this because it helps me to earn some income,” she said.

Damansara Utama assemblyman Datuk Lim Choon Kin said the trading licence created work opportunity for the disabled community.

“The general public in Petaling Jaya can support them by buying their products,” he said.

Lim said this at the launch of the stalls on Dec 6 in conjunction with the International Disabled Day, which was commemorated on Dec 3.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Your Waste Is Our Hope!!

Hi friends,

It is spring cleaning time again!!

Please donate recyclable items to Beautiful Gate Foundation For the Disabled in support of people with disabilities. We collect old newspaper, books, clothes, electrical items, computers, tins, cans, plastic & etc. Your waste can help in create job opportunities for disabled persons and in the same time reduce the financial burden of Beautiful Gate Foundation.


Please call 03-78736579, 03-78758609, or SMS 019-2198440 for more information.

Please kindly forward to your friends.

Siew Chin
















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欲知詳情或訂購賀卡,歡迎儘快與星洲日報文教部聯絡,03-79658560。 (星洲日報•2007.12.05)


Monday, December 3, 2007

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Enable Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities

Principles of the Convention

  1. Respect for inherent dignity, individual autonomy including the freedom to make one's own choices, and independence of persons
  2. Non-discrimination
  3. Full and effective participation and inclusion in society
  4. Respect for difference and acceptance of persons with disabilities as part of human diversity and humanity
  5. Equality of opportunity
  6. Accessibility
  7. Equality between men and women
  8. Respect for the evolving capacities of children with disabilities and respect for the right of children with disabilities to preserve their identities
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The present Convention shall be open for signature by all States and by regional integration organizations at United Nations Headquarters in New York as of 30 March 2007.

Right to life

Every human being has the inherent right to life and shall take all necessary measures to ensure its effective enjoyment by persons with disabilities on an equal basis with others.

Living Independently

All persons with disabilities have the equal rights to live in the community, with choices equal to others, and shall take effective and appropriate measures to facilitate full enjoyment by persons with disabilities of this right and their full inclusion and participation in the community.


As of March 30, some 80 countries have signed the new Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

Malaysia is not on the list of signatories but the Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said "we are working towards it".

"We want to have our groundwork in place first. Our legal advisers are working 24/7 to finalise the Persons with Disabilities Bill to be tabled in Parliament this year. Once we have that in place, we will sign the convention."


As of October 19, Malaysia has yet to be on the CRPD list of signatories.


International Day of Disabled Persons

Decent Work for Persons with Disabilities

In every society very few persons with disabilities are gainfully employed. In fact, in most countries up to 80% of persons with disabilities of working age are unemployed. Most others are under-employed or will never have access to the labour market. Everywhere there is a sizable gap between the working conditions and employment trends of persons with disabilities and those without a disability. All too often persons with disabilities are dependent upon begging, hand-outs, and welfare for their livelihood, not through any meaningful employment. The denial of opportunities and negative attitudes are the main reasons why persons with disabilities are disproportionally absent from the workforce.

This year's International day of Disabled Persons focuses on how to ensure decent work for persons with disabilities and on ways to tap into the abilities of this marginalized talent pool. The recently adopted Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities recognizes in Article 27 the rights of persons with disabilities to work and employment on an equal basis with others. It stresses the right of persons with disabilities to earn a living from freely chosen work, and to work in an environment that is both accessible and accepting.

Many countries do not have legislation to promote and protect the rights of disabled workers. This makes discrimination on the grounds of disability legitimate, hindering persons with disabilities from entering the labour market. However, the discrimination often begins a lot earlier in life, when persons with disabilities are denied other opportunities that would facilitate their inclusion into the workforce, such as education or training in employable skills, accessible transportation to get to work, and accessible workplaces.

Employers often resist employing a person with disabilities believing they will be unable to perform their roles and/or that it would be too expensive. This attitude is rooted in fear and stereotyping, focusing more on the disability than on the abilities of the individual. Empirical evidence, however, shows that persons with disabilities have high performance ratings and retention rates, as well as better attendance records than their non-disabled colleagues. In addition, the cost of accommodating workers with disabilities can be minimal, with most requiring no special accommodation at all. Studies have shown that there are other benefits to employers of persons with disabilities, such as improved workforce morale and increased customer goodwill.

Ensuring decent work for persons with disabilities will vary from country to country, and setting to setting. Business groups, Governments, and persons with disabilities should work closely together to address both the lack of opportunities that prevent persons with disabilities from entering the workforce and the attitudes found among employers. For many persons with disabilities in developing countries self-employment is the only option. Countries should consider ways that support persons with disabilities in this area, such as the inclusion of persons with disabilities in schemes such as micro-credit and micro-finance, which have largely excluded persons with disabilities as potential beneficiaries.

In more developed countries, persons with disabilities still experience high rates of unemployment. Countries need to continue to close the existing gap between persons with disabilities and those without disabilities. The Convention will mean that workplaces and practices are adapted to be more accessible and accepting. It will also mean that employers and the business community will have greater roles to play in the social and economic integration of persons with disabilities.

In order to support the implementation of the Convention, this International Day will look at new ways in which the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the labour market may be promoted by governments, the private sector, and/or civil society, including the disability community. These include programmes such as supported employment, social enterprises, cooperatives, on the job disability management (job retention and return to work measures), and on the promotion of entrepreneurship, self employment and viable micro and small businesses.

The International Day is an invaluable opportunity that should be seized by Governments, business groups and persons with disabilities to discuss and formulate ways that allow persons with disabilities to participate fully in the labour market.

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Photo from Team No 9

Treasure Hunt - Photo Flashback

Special Thanks To All Volunteers

Special thanks to all of you for being a helpful hand before and during the event, and thanks to everyone for woke up so early during the weekend from all over the town.

Event Coordinator - Michael & Florence

Noted that you had sleepless night before the hunt as you were preparing for 2 events at the same day. The interesting questions really made us laugh out loud during the answer presentation. Guess some of the beginners still cracking their head to figure out the answers... experience does count!

Hunt Team - Phyllis, Weng & Kendra

Thanks for running around the town to get the answers sheets and treasures from the hunters. It must be challenging as there were ad hoc tasks need to attend. Calling every team for cancellation of Question No 15 is a no joke task.

Venue Team - Isaac, Faith, Indren & Jacqueline

Your work station may be a bit boring, but without you be there, the traffic can be hay wired. Salutes to you all for being a good traffic controller.

Photo Team - WK, Isaac & Ruey Shyan

WK, thanks for woke up so early in the morning despite that you have not done so for long times... haha. On the road, Ruey Shyan & Isaac must have a lot of fun time by looking at the hunters funny face. Chang, being a hunter, also a member of LENSA, thanks for last minute arrangement taking photos at Segi College. All of you have certainly taken great photos during the event.

Emcee - William

Being a humourous emcee, you can consider to setup a fans club now, your fans will come from both World Vision and Beautiful Gate... haha! Thanks for coming all the way from Seremban to attend our event.

Special Thanks To All Sponsors

Venue Sponsors

The Summit Shopping Center

Special thanks to The Summit for sponsoring of flag off venue. The Summit is the first sponsor to response to our request, also accommodate some of our last minute changes, very much appreciated. The Summit is always supportive by sponsoring venue for many events of Beautiful Gate.

Segi College

Special thanks to Segi College for sponsoring of their theatre for treasure hunt answer presentation session. The theatre fully equipped with sounds system, projector screen, air-conditioning has definitely made our participants comfortable after the exhausting hunt on the road.

Major Sponsors

Sunway Engineering

Special thanks to Sunway Engineering for being the major sponsor of the event. With the contribution of RM 5,000, this definitely give us the confidence to carry out the event without worrying of the three grand prizes.

Pizza Hut - Eat, Laugh, Share

Special thanks to Pizza Hut for sponsoring of lunch and a wheelchair to the Beautiful Gate. Their kind sponsors filled up the hunters stomach and also changing life of a differently-abled people.

Cash, Prizes and Goodies Bags Sponsors

Treasure Hunt Wish List

Motorised Wheelchair
24 units @ RM 8,800 per unit

The most upsetting fact for those with severe physical disability but mentally healthy children is that they cannot even operate a basic wheelchair. The thought of always having to fully depend on the help of others is the main cause towards their loss of determination to live. A motorised chair only requires one finger to operate, this is at least still within their ability. Your gift will open a whole new future path for them to live independently.

Detachable Lightweight Wheelchairs
54 units @ RM 1,200 per unit

Disabled friends living in poverty have only basic wheelchair and some of them are even WITHOUT one! They depend heavily on others to carry out simple daily activities. As a result of mobility restriction, many of them lose the opportunity to attend school, seek employment and make friends. A detachable lightweight wheelchair will allow them to take care of their daily activities independently without troubling others therefore giving them a chance to step out of their house into the society, this will also lessen the burden on their family members. Your act of kindness gives them the opportunity to go into school, gain employment, and most importantly, give them hope for the future.

Medicated Cushion
23 units @ RM 1,800 per unit

Spinal injury paralyses the lower body. As a result, these disabled friends suffer from bowel malfunction and easily develop pressure sore that force them to be in bed for an extensive period of time. With a specially designed medical cushion, it protects their vulnerable hips from further injury and infection, thus allowing them to lead a normal life instead spending the rest of their lives in bed.

Motorcycle for Disabled
10 units @ RM 5,880 per unit

The numerous traffic and industrial accidents have created many middle-aged disabled persons, causing them to lose their ability to work, and cutting off the main course of income for their families. With a three-wheeled motorcycle, not only does it allow the disabled parents to run small businesses and fulfill their role as the main provider of the family, your gift will also allows them to continue contributing to the society regardless of their disabilities.

Treasure Hunt Organising Team

Jointly Organised By

MCA Wanita / MCA Life Long Learning Social Concern Pillar

Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled

Organising Chairman

Dr Ng Yen Yen

Working Committee

Chairman Datin Roslind

Vice Chairman Serena Pang

Secretary Sia Siew Chin

Treasurer Wanita MCA

Event Coordinator Members
  • Chong Kar Yee
  • Ivy Pua
  • Isaac Tho
  • Jacqueline Lee
  • Phyllis Leow
  • Thomas Yeoh
  • William Lee
  • Chan Kam Weng
  • Faith H'ng
  • Indren
  • Kendra Lam
  • Tan Ruey Shyan
  • Tan Wee Keong

Be An Angel Treasure Hunt

1st December 2007

Start / Finish Venue :
The Summit, USJ

Entry Fee :
Minimum Donation of RM 300 per team

Format and details of this event

  • 100% hunt. A no frills, just thrills event.
  • Start venue & time : The Summit Shopping Center @ 8am
  • Registration & briefing : 7.30am
  • Finish venue & time : The Summit Shopping Center @ 12noon
  • Answers and prize presentations @ 2.00pm
  • Lunch will be provided.
  • Questions
    35 route Qs x 2 pts (Part A – 15 Q , Part B – 20 Q)
    5 treasures x 5 pts
    5 Beautiful Gate & International Day of Disabled People Trivia Qs x 1 pts (10min - start at 12.00noon)
  • Tie breakers – 1. Trivia Qs, 2. Treasures 3. Route Qs 4. Time.
  • Collect t-shirts and car stickers from Beautiful Gate on Wed 28/11 and Thurs 29/11 10am -7pm.
  • “Treasure Hunt 101” - a coaching session tailored for beginners will be conducted at The Summit Shopping Center on Friday 30/11 at 6.30pm All regular hunters need not attend.
  • Clerk of course: Michael Pang
  • Entry closing date: 5pm on Friday 23 Nov. 2007

Entry Fee & Instructions

Per team : A minimum donation of RM300
Please download Entry Form

Bank-in to

Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled
Public Bank A/C No: 3139933307

Fax entry & payment slip to : 03- 7876 2686

Contact Person
  • Datin Rosalind, Tel: 012-278 1687
  • Sia Siew Chin, H/P 019-219 8440 (prefer SMS),
  • Ivy Pua, Tel: 03-78736579/7875 8609
  • Serena Pang, H/P 012-2270229,

Thursday, November 29, 2007

McDonald Car Park For Disabled People

Looking at this picture, just curious why there are two colour tones for the disabled car parking lot?

A lot of premises perceive to have disabled facilities for the disabled people, however, are these facilities friendly enough for them?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


最近发生一件最震撼的事,莫过于Datuk Badruddin对Karpal Singh说了一句“坐轮椅是上天对你的惩罚”!


在网上,也不难发现有很多的部落格格长在宣泄对Datuk Badruddin的不满。

然而Datuk Badruddin的观点,不也真正反映出一般公众对残障人士的心态吗?为什么我们只是把矛头指向他一个人呢?








每个人来到这个世界,就有活下去的权力,也应该有活下去的勇气。 当上天关上了一道门,它也正在为我们开启另一道门。




Monday, November 19, 2007

Pass laws to make nation more disabled-friendly

WITH reference to the call by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (“Employ The Disabled, says PM” – The Star, Nov 15), for more companies to show their caring side and employ disabled people, we would like the People with Disabilities Act to be passed by Parliament immediately to show that the Government really cares and support for the equal opportunities of disabled people in Malaysian society.

We would want a more strict implementation and enforcement of By-law 34A of the Uniform Building By-laws which requires all buildings to have access for disabled people.

Existing buildings should be surveyed and audited, and be upgraded to comply with the Building Regulations.

This requirement should be stressed in all government departments and policies.

We would also call upon the Malaysian Standard 1331: Access of Disabled Persons Outside Buildings (2003) to be incorporated in the Town and Country Planning Act, Highways Act and/or the Streets, Drainage and Building Act, so that the street environment will be accessible as well, and not just buildings.

Apart from that, we would want the Public Works Department to make sure that all government buildings are accessible, safe and usable for disabled people.

These must include accessible car parking, gentle ramps, accessible toilets, tactile guides, lifts and proper handrails for all existing and new government buildings.

The management and communications aspects of workplaces must also be inclusive for disabled people.

Braille lettering, tactile guides, sign language interpreters and easily read text must be available to create ease of communication and conveying of information.

The Government must lead the way for a caring society by getting all existing buildings to be accessible to the disabled.

When places of work are accessible, safe and usable for disabled people who have mobility problems, sensory impairment and learning disabilities, then they are more employable as there will be no physical and communication barriers.

Attitudes and prejudiced perceptions will be less when more disabled people are commonly seen in public and the work place.

Naziaty Mohd Yaacob, Dr Tiun Ling Ta, Francis Johen Anak Adam, Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled, Ananda Raj, Asia Community Service.

Source :

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Employ the disabled, says PM

PM urges for a more caring society


KUALA LUMPUR: She is a capable woman and presentable enough to be a newscaster – but she could not get long-term employment because she is wheelchair-bound.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, stressing that he wants Malaysia to have a culture of caring where those who need help know they will receive help, said it reminded him of the woman.

“She looks good and capable. I told her she could be in front of the camera or become a compere.

“But she told me, she had yet to find a job,” Abdullah said, not naming the woman.

Best of the lot: Abdullah presenting the overall award to DiGi chief executive officer Morten Lundal at the Prime Minister’s CSR Awards presentation in Kuala Lumpur yesterday while Shahrizat looks on.

“No one wanted to employ her because she sat in a wheelchair,” he told corporate bigwigs at the Prime Minister’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards presentation here yesterday.

Representatives from Petronas, Maybank, BP Malaysia, DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd and Procter and Gamble (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd were among those who attended the event.

“Companies must give attention and be ready to employ disabled people who are able to perform the tasks given and do something for the company,” he said.

Abdullah said jobs should be offered to suitable candidates even if they were handicapped, adding that this is what folks in a caring society would do.

The Prime Minister said a progressive Malaysia meant that the people would enjoy quality of life.

More important, he added, the disadvantaged – such as the sickly, the poor and the handicapped – are assured they also have a place in this country and would be well cared for.

He said the nation and its people had demonstrated its caring nature in many ways and it was a contribution he hoped would continue to flourish.

The awards are given in recognition of companies that carry out strong community and social responsibility projects.

There were 316 entries from 161 companies for the award. They competed in seven categories, including education, environment and workplace practices.

DiGi Telecommunications was named the overall winner.

It also grabbed first places in two other categories – best workplace practice and protecting culture and heritage.

Present at the event were Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohd Effendi Norwawi.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Pua proves wheelchair no barrier in her life

PETALING JAYA: Being wheelchair-bound does not stop Pua Ghin Chu physically or mentally. Yesterday, the 25-year-old performed a cha-cha dance with a male partner on stage at a health campaign in SS3 community hall.

After her stunning dance performance, she wheeled herself to the organ donation campaign booth to pledge all her organs.

Amazing feat: Pua performing the cha-cha with her dance partner Theng at the SS3 community hall in Petaling Jaya on Sunday.

“I think it will be a waste of resources if I do not donate my organs after I die,” said Pua, paralysed at the age of 16 after having blood clot in her spine.

She added that she had wanted to pledge her organs a long time ago but did not know where to go. This time around, she overheard an announcement about the organ donation booth and wasted no time in signing up.

“I am sure my parents would have no objection to my pledge,” said Pua, whose parents are vegetable traders in Sekinchan.

The eldest in the family, Pua joined Beautiful Gate Foundation and later took up computer studies. She is the employment coordinator at the foundation.

Pua’s dance partner, Theng Bing Haw, 28, a tutor at KBU college, took up a community project under LP 88 with Beautiful Gate to help the disabled a few years ago.

They underwent two years of training to dance before mustering enough courage to perform live before an audience.

Pua’s swift movement on wheelchair gave the impression she was not bound by it at all. She was able to elegantly twist, turn and move according to the music tempo.

Source :

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sitting in wheelchair is God's punishment?

In the article published in New Strait Times, Datuk Badruddin Amiruldin (BN -Jerai) stated clearly that Karpal Singh (DAP - Bukit Jelugor)'s temporary state of sitting on a wheelchair is a punishment from GOD!!

What about those who have to depend on the wheelchair for a living? for mobility to their work place?

Is their current disability condition is a punishment from God?

What about those who are born disabled? Is that a kind of pre-punishment from God even before they are given the opportunity to commit crime?

What about those who are permanently disabled then? is that a permanent punishment from God to them?

Whereas those murderer or rapist are of able bodies?
Hence, disability is not a kind of punishment from God!!

Couldn't agree more?? Then, Please DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!

Lets not give the wrong impression that our disabled friends, not only our disabled friends in Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled but disabled friends from around the world, feels that their physical disability is a form of punishment from God!!

(Article by : Amy Wong)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Employers need to look into basic facilities for disabled folks

We just need a little help: Some of the physically challenged folks who will undergo training at the Armour Security Systems (M) Sdn Bhd.



THERE would be more job opportunities for the physically challenged if companies have a barrier-free working place for them.

Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled care and employment head Ivy Pua said among the problems faced by the disabled when trying to get a job is the lack of accessibility to public transportation and to the workplace itself.

“People who are wheelchair-bound can’t work in an office that does not have lifts even if the employer are willing to employ them,” said Pua.

The lack of qualification is also a problem as they faced the same accessibility problems in schools and colleges.

“It’s not that there are no jobs for us but getting there may be a problem. Some work places are not disabled friendly,” said Carol Rasiah, 40, who is wheelchair-bound and sold sweets in the area around her Kepong home to earn money.

Lee Boon Kiat, 23, from Kuala Selangor said it was hard to access the toilets at his previous workplace, as he was wheelchair-bound.

“It’s also hard to stay in a permanent job because we fall sick more often than other employees,” he said.

Chan Sin Wai, 25, can walk and talk but he has Tourette syndrome, a nerve disorder that causes him to have sudden involuntary twitching and utterance of sounds.

“I can’t drive because of my disorder and I only have a narrow selection of jobs like telemarketing for things like credit cards and insurance,” he said.

However, Chan often changed jobs because he could not cope with having to meet a monthly target, as with most telemarketing jobs.

Recognising these problems, the Pudu Rotary Club had taken a proactive step by having a vocational job training and placement programme for these individuals.

Armour Security Monitoring Sdn Bhd will provide full vocational training to about six people who are physically challenged for three months, paying each an allowance of RM600 per month.

Upon completion, they will be offered a permanent job if they are able to perform their respective tasks.

Assistant general manager Ching Eng Seong said jobs like data entry or monitoring of the security systems were suitable for the disabled and he hopes to train more people in future.

“We hope that other NGOs and potential employers will offer this type of training and job placement for other disabled individuals so that they can gain financial independence,” said project chairman Gary Lim Beng Huat.

“By being financially independent, they can regain their self-esteem and confidence,” said Kg Tunku assemblyman Datuk Dr Wong Sai Hou who launched the programme at Shangri-la Hotel, Kuala Lumpur recently.

Companies that have job or training opportunities for the physically challenged can contact United Voice (03-7958 8069), Beautiful Gate (Ivy Pua 03-7873 6579), Malaysian Association for the Blind (Zainuddin Jasmi 03-2272 2677) or the Kiwanis Job Training Centre (Goh Siew Eng 03-7954 3361 or 012-658 2992).

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Saturday, October 13, 2007










Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cross-country: Disabled get jobs with club's help

Chan Sin Wei has Tourette’s Syndrome

KUALA LUMPUR: With his involuntary spasms and occasional shrieks, it is not easy for 25-year-old Chan Sin Wei to land a job.

But thanks to the Pudu Rotary Club, Chan, who has Tourette’s Syndrome, can now look forward to a six-month vocational stint with Armour Security Monitoring Sdn Bhd.

Chan and six other physically disabled individuals were matched to the company by the Pudu Rotary Club after they were referred by homes like the Beautiful Gate Foundation For the Disabled, United Voice, Malaysian Association of the Blind and Kiwanis Job and Training Centre and Kiwanis Job and Training Centre Slow Learner.

Since receiving his diploma in marketing five years ago, Chan had held many jobs but his contracts were not renewed due to his condition.

The longest he spent on a job was nine months and he has been unemployed for the past four months.

“It has always been hard for people to accept my condition. Kids were mean to me at school and teachers made me sit on my own because they thought I was distracting the class,” he said at the launch of the Pudu Rotary Club’s Vocational Job Training and Placement for Physically Challenged Youth.

Kelana Jaya state assemblyman Datuk Dr Wong Sai Hou officiated at the launch at the Shangri-La Hotel here yesterday.

The RM600 allowance Chan would be getting during his training stint would come in handy as currently he volunteers at the Beautiful Gate recycling centre in Petaling Jaya. The foundation provides him with meals but he has to rely on his savings for other things.

Under the training programme, Chan and the others would monitor the closed-circuit security cameras and perform clerical duties. The company will consider hiring them after the six-month period, based on their performance.

Beautiful Gate’s job placement officer Ivy Pua said despite the tax incentives given to companies that hired disabled workers, many disabled people remained unemployed.

“There are many reasons for this, including inaccessibility to public transport, insufficient disabled-friendly facilities and equipment, and the disabled person’s inability to handle the job,” Pua said.

She said the lack of qualifications and a poor command of the English language also contributed to their low rate of employment.

Beautiful Gate Foundation For the Disabled job placement officer Ivy Pua says many disabled remain unemployed.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

































身為企業家,我認為,我們不能低估別人的潛能,假如他的生命可以照亮別人,我們必須在他最困苦的時候伸出援手,讓社會栽培人才。 (星洲日報•2007.09.27)



Wednesday, September 26, 2007












有意捐獻者可聯絡芙蓉美門殘障藝術中心633 3037、謝秀貞019-219 8440、戴蘭012-607 9173。 (星洲日報/花城•2007.09.26)


Monday, September 24, 2007

Value The Care & Love Charity Dinner





Sunday, September 23, 2007

Klang Culture Street










Sunday, September 9, 2007

Klang Utama Performance




Rock 'N Roll




Saturday, September 8, 2007



















“盡管如此,希望政府和私人界能更關注社會上的弱勢群體,在建筑或裝修時能以殘障人士的需要作為考量,為殘障人士提供便利。” (星洲日報/大都會•2007.09.08)



Friday, August 24, 2007

Orphans and the disabled celebrate N-Day

HUNDREDS of orphans and disabled people from five homes in Klang were treated to dinner and entertainment in conjunction with the 50th Merdaka Day celebration.

The event was organised by the Jalan Pulau Pinang Rukun Tetangga. Community leaders also attended the celebration.

Beautiful Gate Foundation for the disabled chief executive Sia Siew Chin, led a group of handicapped members in a wheel-chair dance at the function.

She said being invited to perform was a recognition for the disabled.

“We are happy to be able to celebrate this important day,'' she said.

Also present were Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Ong Tee Keat, Kota Alam Shah state assemblyman Ching Su Chen and Sungai Pinang state assemblyman Teng Chang Khim.

Ong said while Malaysia celebrated Merdeka Day, the special group should not be forgotten.

He said besides giving them financial aid, the public could provide them with skills learning opportunities in order for them to be independent and earn a living.

A little aid: Jalan Pulau Pinang Rukun Tetangga chairman Roger Tan (right) presenting a mock cheque for RM2,000 to Sia as (from left) Kapar MCA Division chairman Khor Siew Kim, Ong and Kapar MCA Division Youth Chief Datuk Song Kee Chai look on.

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We are disabled by the Society

It is always hurdles for disabled people wherever they are.



Malaysiaku Gemilang





Sunday, August 19, 2007




這項《殘健一家,輝煌五十》殘友栽種活動是由美門殘障關懷基金會聯合八打靈再也市政廳、SS2B睦鄰小組、大馬盲人協會及D'serve Quality Network聯辦。











當天的出席者來自各個不同殘障團體的殘障朋友,包括雙福殘障協會、馬來西亞華人殘障協會、巴生肢體殘障協會、大馬盲人協會、馬來西亞脊椎骨損傷協會、達邁殘障協會、Perwira K9特殊人士協會等。 (星洲日報/大都會•2007.08.20)





Mederka Hibiscus Planting

50 Disabled People Planting 50 National Flowers

Friday, August 17, 2007

Helping hand for handicapped hawkers



PJ UTARA MP Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun has stepped forward in aid of the disabled hawkers at the SS2, Petaling Jaya morning market.

At the request of Petaling Jaya Hawkers and Small Traders Association secretary Kok Kuan Yong, Chew has generously sponsored two canopies and two commercial umbrellas worth RM706 for the usage of the disabled.

Since last month, the disabled have been occupying five stalls at the market, selling newspapers, groceries, plants, and donated items such as glassware and soft toys.

According to Chew, the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has made it compulsory for the hawkers to use umbrellas bearing MBPJ logos.

“However, with their small profits, they couldn't afford to purchase the umbrellas,” said Chew.

Chew urged MBPJ to allocate at least five per cent of the units in the markets for the disabled.

“The government has always encouraged the disabled to be independent by working to support themselves,” said Chew.

Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled executive director Pastor Sia Siew Chin welcomed the public's contribution of reusable items.

Part of the proceeds from their business in the market goes to the foundation.

Glad to assist: Chew (standing, third from right) handing over an umbrella to Sia (in wheelchair). Looking on is Kok (standing, third from left).

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她補充說,市政廳應計劃一項政策,保留5%讓商業名額給殘障人士,以鼓勵多點殘障人士出來學習做生意。 (星洲日報/大都會•2007.08.17)



Saturday, July 14, 2007

A boost for the disabled


FOR Bathmavathi Krishnan, being disabled does not stop her from participating in sports.

A former athlete in school, her world was shattered when she met with an accident 32 years ago. She then lost the ability to walk.

Gutsy: Malaysian Interfaith Network coordinator Dr John Gurusamy presenting the trophy and cash prize to Bathmavathi.

But a ray of hope appeared when wheelchair tennis was introduced in the early 80s and she saw the possibility of taking part in sports again.

“Besides keeping myself fit, sports gives me a sense of satisfaction and self-worth,” said the 53-year-old retiree.

Bathmavathi was among some 120 disabled people who participated in the Mini Sports For the Disabled 2007 at SJK (C) Puay Chai recently.

She bagged the first runner up trophy in wheelchair ping-pong (women's category).

The event, organised by Beautiful Gate Foundation For the Disabled and Malaysian Confederation of the Disabled, was aimed at providing an opportunity for the disabled from different races and backgrounds to interact and build friendships.

“It is also a way to boost the disabled people's confidence while challenging them physically and mentally through sports,” said Beautiful Gate Foundation executive director Pastor Sia Siew Chin.

Damansara Utama assemblyman Datuk Lim Choon Kin who was present at the prize giving ceremony said: “Although the disabled are physically handicapped, their ability to perform is sometimes better than the able-bodied.”

“This sports event is an encouragement to the disabled and also an eye-opener for the able,'' he added.

A total of four events – wheelchair ping-pong, wheelchair badminton, chess and lawn bowling – were held in the mini sports.

It was sponsored by SS2 food court, Pizza Hut, England Optical Group and Suan Huat Auto Corporation Sdn Bhd.

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逾百残疾者登空MY CARE



这项由卫理公会中部教区及雪兰莪教区青年团协办,卫理公会华人年议会青年团及美门残障关怀基金联办的“MY CARE挑战大马眼”活动,让残障朋友们实实在在地感受平常人所进行的活动。





这项为时半小时的“MY CARE挑战大马眼”活动,在下午1点结束后,美门残障关怀基金会将继续前往下一个旅游景点。



他说:“倘若政府在未来的日子,把大马眼计划落实成为永久性旅游景点的话,那么我们将会探讨如何兼顾残疾人士的计划。”他今早为“MY CARE挑战大马眼”活动开幕时透露。

“MY CARE挑战大马眼”活动在周六早晨举行。


摘自:光华日报.Kwong Wah


















他希望通過類似活動,能加強殘障朋友的信心,以及讓他們能平等使用所有消閒活動,包括大馬摩天輪等設施。 (星洲日報/大都會•2007.07.14)





Monday, July 9, 2007








有些出席者首次觀看殘障人士參加運動會,感觸良多。尤其是他們在進行比賽時認真及不屈不撓的鬥志。特別是羽球和兵乓球的參賽者,他們想盡辦法把球打回對方的毅力,實在令人萬分感動。 (星洲日報/大都會•2007.07.08)







Sunday, July 8, 2007

Wheelchair Mini Sports Competition

Ping Pong and Badmintion Competition

All this while I have heard about disabled mini sports held by Beautiful Gate in the past, but never ever see it myself. I am unable to imagine how a disabled people can involve in ping pong or badminton until I have seen it today.


Chinese and International Chess Competition

May be you can imagine how a disabled people playing chess, but not sure if you can imagine how a blind people can play chess? In the chess competition, there are quite some blind chess players, they used their great memory and hand to move the chess.


Every move is a new move

Every move is a new move, there are a lot of turning point in our life, we will experience different moment each time, thus we shall not give up when we are facing difficulties, however, we shall expect a more glorious future.


Seven Years Old Boy

Two months ago, I just got to know Wei Zhang, he was a shy boy and only smile at me while I talked to him. Later, I knew he reached the age to go to primary school, but his parent did not send him due to his disability.


Today, I met Wei Zhang again, he can speaks very fluent mandarin and become talkactive. I taught him how to use digital camera, he was very exciting and asked me to bring him around to take pictures. I can see that his learning curve has not been distort by his cerebral palsy, but better than the normal children.


Photos taken by Wei Zhang

These are pictures taken by Wei Zhang. You can see the quality of the photos are not too bad.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

A friend to the disabled

UNIVERSITI Malaya Bachelor of Science student Amy Wong Jia Hui did not start out doing volunteer work because of some dramatic experience or driving passion. She did it simply because she was appointed Social Concerns head in her university's Christian Fellowship society.

The society decided to adopt the non-profit Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled as an organisation to help and support.

Amy helping Beautiful Gate resident Siew Yin who suffers from ‘spina bifida’. – AZLINA ABDULLAH / The Star

Twice a year, she would take groups of students to visit the residents and help out in their charity efforts by selling old books in the SS2 market, or participate in their camps during the semester break.

“It used to be a duty as I was voted into the post,” muses Amy. “These days, I visit them whenever I'm free, I hang out with them when they call me out to go yum cha (get a drink).”

She mostly helps out at the Beautiful Gate Career Development Centre for the Disabled, where residents undergo training such as computer and English courses and are encouraged to find jobs and be independent.

A student volunteer for a year now, she has heard many stories from her disabled friends.

“I met one woman who was able-bodied until she was in her early 20s,” she recalls. “When she became pregnant, the doctor told her that she had a genetic problem and had to either abort the baby or have something go very wrong with her nerves.

“She chose to give birth to the baby.

“The baby is fine but she can't walk now and has to use a wheelchair.”

It is stories like these that keep her motivated and change her outlook on life.

“They are so energetic and determined to live,” she says in earnest. “I used to get depressed over exam results but now, I realise that there is more to life, a purpose in living.”

Being around the disabled has taught her many things. For instance, she never knew how difficult it was to manoeuvre a wheelchair till she had to participate in a game involving wheelchairs in a Be An Angel camp, designed to engage the disabled with the able-bodied and to teach the latter how to assist the former.

“It was tough for me. My hands were in pain,” says Amy. “But I now understand how they feel.”

Being able-bodied, Amy, 23, admits it is sometimes easy to take things for granted; she has become so familiar with the Beautiful Gate residents that she treats them like her able-bodied friends.

“I learnt that I should be sensitive with my words,” she explains. “I once tried to put a pair of socks onto my friend's feet and I said: 'Why don't you straighten your legs so it would be easier for me to do this?'

“She immediately scolded her legs, saying: 'Yeah, come on! Why don't you straighten?'

Student volunteers find out how difficult it is to manoeuvre a wheelchair at the ‘Be an Angel’ camp.

“I realised how rude I had been and felt horrible after that.”

At the end of the day, Amy realises that what most disabled people want is genuine friendship.

“Being a volunteer is not so much about helping them but just being their friend.”

She has now become like family to the Beautiful Gate residents, chatting casually and being teased mercilessly by the office staff.

“Amy comes and disturbs us!” jokes the centre's staff member Chong Kar Yee, herself a cerebral palsy sufferer. “But people like her are rare. She can bond well with people of different ages and gender.”

Unfortunately, Amy still finds that many are not interested in doing what she does and some even think that Beautiful Gate, which is dependant mostly on public donations, is rich.

“At a flea market where I was holding out donation boxes, people told me that everyone gave to Beautiful Gate, so they should have lots of money,” she says.

The Centre's coordinator Ng Chung Chiat, who has worked there for eight years, believes that awareness about disability issues in general is poor.

“We write to schools and colleges twice a year proposing talks or student visits to create awareness,” he says. “Only about five schools in the Klang Valley respond in a year.”

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