Monday, July 31, 2006

She prefers to stand tall on her own two legs

Written by NST journalist, Jessica Lim. Reproduced here for those who missed the opportunity to read a touching story in print

An incurable disease causes her legs to collapse if she stands for over 10 minutes but this year’s youth award candidate tells JESSICA LIM her heart will take her where her limbs will not.

HER fingers are bent into an perpetual claw — just about the only visible sign that she is struck with a disease that is slowly withering her muscles.

Sia Ling Ling is the last in her family of nine, with six of them hit by the same disease.

Despite that, she has overcome the obstacles in her life and today is the first nominee for the Most Outstanding Youth of the Year award.

“Even if it hurts, I won’t use a wheelchair, not while I can still walk,” says the 26-year old administrator for Beautiful Gate, a home for the disabled in Petaling Jaya.

She was nominated by last year’s winner of the AYA Dream Malaysia Award, Yvonne Foong, 20, who was intrigued by the girl in her college who walked in and out in her strange, swinging gait.

“She left home at 14 and made a living for herself despite her disability. What a story,” said Foong, who herself is facing a disease which makes tumours grow in her body.

Sia can manage the distance of three bus-lengths unsupported. Anything more and she has to lean on walls or chairs.

She can even stand for 10 minutes on her own — but that’s the limit.

At Beautiful Gate, where 40 disabled people stay and hundreds more come to learn skills, people stumble over each other to tell their own Ling Ling love story.

Though something of a mini-celebrity in her circles, the humble roots of her childhood grow deep.

Sia came from a little town in Malacca called Sungai Rambai. As a child, she watched her father, a tailor, struggling with muscular dystrophy. Like watching a horror movie in slow-motion, five of her seven siblings followed the same crippling path.

“I prayed hard that I wouldn’t get it, but when I was eight I got it too.”

Within two years, she had to sit on the grass turf while her friends played lompat getah and “catching”.

Those were tough years.

“Kids would steal my things and throw them at me. One girl told the others that I was like this because we ate turtles. She said that because of that, everyone should keep away.”

Did she cry? “Of course-lah. What do you think? Every night.”

At 14, the pint-sized girl decided that Sungai Rambai was too small for her dreams.

With a little bag of belongings and her heart in her throat, she took a bus to Kuala Lumpur.

After getting her bearings, Sia politely turned down her sister’s financial support and went it alone by selling handmade silver wire keychains at the night market three nights a week.

She took up a full-time position in the centre six years ago, where she continues to infect others with her hearty laughter, thoughtfulness and zest.

Her “pet brother”, Lee Yew Hoe, has a T-shirt given by her emblazoned with his favourite wrestler, The Rock, on display in his room.

“I’ve never worn it because I don’t want to dirty it.

“I was so lonely. Then she met me and started bugging me to join their activities and everything. I used to wonder: ‘Why is she bothering with me? What’s wrong with her?’” said Lee, who has used crutches since young.

Last year, Sia married the man of her dreams, Ng Chung Chiat, after nearly 10 years of courtship.

As she walked down the aisle — without support and without a wheelchair — the atmosphere was thick with emotion.

When the words rang out “For better or worse, for richer or poorer…” her ringbearer and close friend, Ivy Pua, felt the tears welling up.

“She didn’t have it easy, but look at her now. I’m proud to call her my ‘big sister’.”

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Souvenir For Sale

Cracking your head think what to buy a souvenir for friends? Here is an option to you.

Hand made souvenir key chain by a disabled friend, sell at RM 5 per piece. You can even order a custom made key chain with your name, at RM 5 - 6 (depends on number of character).

Buy one for yourself, lovely one, children, parents, friends, colleagues, etc.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Peace Rally




In the morning of 2nd Jan, 130 disabled and 100 volunteers took part in the rally organized by the Malaysian Independent Living Group. This is to enhance the public transport facility for the disabled. The rally was at Kepong Baru market adjacent to Beautiful Gate Rehabilitation Centre, covering a distance of 2 km until Kepong KTM station. The purpose of this rally was to lobby for the need of the disable for the construction of public infrastructures that are accessible to the disabled by the relevant authorities. It is also to appeal to KTM to modify the existing ramp which is not suitable for the disabled and also appeal to DBKL to enhance the pedestrian path in Kepong Baru. On 30th of April, similar rally was also held in Teluk Intan, and 16th July held in Klang.












週日出席者尚有美門總干事謝秀貞、八打靈美門中心主席黃位周、巴生活動中心主任李友和及巴生市議員黃慶泉等。有意捐款的公眾,支票可寄予“Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled”,寄至:No.29,JalanSS2/59,47300 Petaling Jaya。

任何詢問,可聯絡李友和(016-3189 615)、林世良(012-3776533),或協調人陳力福(019-3372 035)。 (星洲日報‧2006/07/16)


Klang Cares Awareness Campaign

Klang Care Awareness Campaign Towards People

Sunshine, it was a sunshine morning, we get together at RHB Bank, nearby Klang bus station at 9:00am.

YB Datin Tan was arrive approximately 9:30am, we took some group pictures before she flag off for the parade.

Arrived at The Store Shopping Centre slightly before 10:00am, the door had not opened as we were earlier than expected. We were the first one to enter to The Store Shopping Centre after a little while, and the event started.

Speeches by Madam Sia, YB Datin Tan, and Mr Tan, followed by the performance by the dancing groups. The beautiful and cute little girls made the environment lively.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Klang Cares Awareness Campaign

Klang Care Awareness Campaign Towards People

Being a Klang resident, I have no hesitate to participate in Klang Care Awareness Campaign when Yew Hoe first invited me.

After a several weeks of preparation, today is the first day of the program. I reached The Store Shopping Centre approximately 12:00 pm, hang around and start snapping pictures.

The charity sales was started early in the morning, say around 10:00am. The products for sales are little bags, hand made souvenirs, greeting cards, candles, pens, pencils, shoes, clothes, etc. I was particularly like the hand made iron souvenirs, understand these are made from a disabled friend, which I was amazed on the finest of the art.

The treasure hunts was started around 3:00pm. Some friends were here to organize the games, whereby the members had to search around in the building to find their answers. Physically healthy and disabled friends were grouped together to form a team, thus, team work spirit is very important to complete the game. One of the team was given a task to get 60 signatures from the crowd, another one was asked to blow the ballons in front of a bookshop.

A group of young kids and ladies were here to support our program. They arrived at The Store approximately 5:30pm, dressed very sweet and charming, sing and dance very well.

Some people came to Klang in the morning, staying there from morning till late evening, and one has missed a drama show.

I believe that everyone was enjoying the treasure hunt, games, singing & dancing show.

Friday, July 14, 2006






Sunday, July 9, 2006

Klang Cares Awareness Campaign

Calling For Angels

Klang Cares Awareness Campaign Towards People With Disabilities

Dear frenz,

First, I would like to introduce Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled, a non-profit organization for people with physically disabled which has been established since 1993.

Beautiful Gate Foundation is organizing a two days event "Klang Cares-Awareness Campaign Towards People With Disabilities" on July 15 & 16 at The Shaw Centre, Klang.

Programs : -

15 July 2006 (Saturday)

10:00am - 9:00pm Charity Sales & Exhibition

2:30pm - 5:30pm Treasure Hunt with the Disabled

6:30pm - 8:00pm Stage Performance by Children

16 July 2006 (Sunday)

9:00am Assemble at Digi Centre

9:50am Arrival of Datin' Tan Yi Kiow

10:00am Demo on how to handle Wheel Chair

10:10am Parade starts

10:25am Stage Performance by Disabled Group

10:35am Speech by Datin Tan Yi Kiow

11:00am Demo on handicraft making by the disabled

02:00pm Stage Performance by Children

What you can do?

Be a volunteer in the above program, join us in the charity sales, exhibition, treasure hunt, parade...... etc.

You can choose to come on the 15 or 16 or both date. We need more people on 16 as we have parade from Digi Centre to The Shaw Centre (very near distance).

What if you can't make it?

We also need sponsors for food & refreshment for the two days event. You can be the sponsor.

What you need to do?

Please contact Lee Yew Hoe (016-318 9615) or Serena Pang (012-227 0229) for registration or more information.

You are welcome to disseminate this information to your friends and bring them along. The more the merrier.

Enjoy and have fun.