Friday, March 10, 2006

10 computers for the disabled


Sia (left) speaking Ong after presenting the latter with a souvenir.

THE corporate sector has been asked to strongly support non-profit organisations that hold programmes to empower the disabled to lead independent lives.

SP Setia Foundation chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said with the help from corporate sector programmes, it would be easier for them to get jobs to provide much needed relieve.

He said the disabled need training especially in areas such as computer, which had become a norm in all work places but many lack the skills and as such faced problems getting hired.

Lee said the disabled often have the drive and eagerness to learn but could not find enough opportunity to do so or sharpen such skills and thus missed out on the chance to be gainfully employed.

Lee, who is also a social activist, was speaking to reporters after handing over a mock cheque of RM32,000 on behalf of SP Setia Foundation to the Beautiful Gate for the Disabled Foundation in Petaling Jaya, recently.

The money is for Beautiful Gate to buy 10 new computers and a printer.

Also present during the function were Datin Seri Wendy Ong (wife of Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting), Datin Seri How Teng Teng (wife of SP Setia group managing director Datuk Seri Liew Kee Sin), Beautiful Gate for the Disabled Foundation executive director Sia Siew Chin and SP Setia Foundation management committee member Capt (R) Liew Siong Sing.

Ong commended SP Setia Foundation's effort and it was Ong who had highlighted the needs of the home to the foundation after having met with Sia at a charity dinner function.

(Standing from left) How, Ong and Lee look on as the two members of Beautiful Gate check out the new computers.

“I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that the foundation had visited the home to find out their needs in a short while after I mentioned their plight,’’ she said.

Ong said apart from providing training to the disabled, the home also actively advocate the recycling programme that is being promoted by the Housing and Local Ministry by getting the disabled involved.

Sia said the new computers will not only allow the home to replace its old computers but also provide training to more people than before.

“We have 25 registered participants due to the limited computers before this but with the additional computers we can have classes for 50 participants,’’ she said.

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Thursday, March 9, 2006

Wheelchairs for those in dire need of help


MALACCA: Good news for the disabled. Beautiful Gate Foundation is giving away 10 wheelchairs to those who could not afford to buy their own.

Foundation executive director Sia Siew Chin said applications for the wheelchairs has been opened for people in Malacca and Johor.

“The wheelchairs are donated by individuals to the foundation and I hope those who need them will contact us,” she said after announcing the opening of the foundation’s new centre for disabled people in southern region.

This was the fifth centre after Petaling Jaya (Selangor), Kepong (Kuala Lumpur), Kampar (Perak) and Seremban (Negri Sembilan).

Sia (centre) chatting with members from Petaling Jaya at the newly open centre for the disabled in Batu Berendam.

Earlier, Sia said she had received numerous calls from people in Malacca and Johor who were interested in the training provided by the foundation.

“We set up this centre eventually after two years of planning and we are open for registration for the disabled now,” said Sia.

The new centre is located in a single-storey corner house with three bedrooms in Taman Merdeka Jaya, Batu Berendam.

It can house eight people and accommodate about 30 people for daytime training programmes, she said.

Sia said the foundation spent RM12,500 to renovate the house, which was rent free.

The foundation also appealed for public donation for electrical items and furniture to operate the centre, she said, adding that items needed including refrigerator, washing machine, television, ceiling fans, wall exhaust fans, wall fans, microwave, rice cooker, slow cooker, single bed mattresses, computers, office equipment, chairs and tables.

Apart from training on surviving skills and self-development skills, Sia said the foundation planned to have computer classes for the disabled here.

She added that the foundation was also looking for full-time worker and volunteers for the new centre.

For donation, contact Willie Wong at 013-342 1071, the application for wheelchairs and training programmes call the centre at 06-282 7845.

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Monday, March 6, 2006

Computer Handover Ceremony


美门残障关怀基金会一直积极为残障人士推动教育及培训计划,提供专业课程,鼓励他们装备自己以开拓更美好的将来。3月6日有幸获得实达基金会(SP SETIA FOUNDATION)捐赠10部高性能电脑,为残障学员提供更完善的学习设备。出席当天的电脑移交仪式的有实达基金会主席丹斯里李霖泰、房屋与地方政府部长夫人拿汀斯里张秀梅及拿汀侯婷婷等。

A computer handover ceremony was held at Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled on 6th March for 10 units of computer which were donated by SP Setia Foundation. With this new equipment Beautiful Gate will be able to provide a more pleasant learning environment for the disabled students in line with the aim & purpose of the Organization.