Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Live Free" Concert

"Live Free" Concert

Life Haven is a non-profit organization of persons with disabilities (PWD), duly registered with the SEC, guided by the Independent Living (IL) Philosophy and a frontrunner of the Independent Living Movement in the Philippines. We are working towards the empowerment of persons with disabilities with the goals of restoring self-respect, improving self-confidence, and promoting active participation on issues concerning the society to which we belong. It is our belief that persons with different types of disabilities will benefit from the Independent Living Movement, hence our cross-disability approach.

As part of our mission to provide continuous services to PWD, a fundraising concert entitled “Live Free” will be held on May 30, 2009 at Crossroad 77. Proceeds of this event will be used to support our activities, sustain the services that we provide, and assist the Association of People with Disabilities-Sta. Rosa (APD-SR) in their IL-related programs. The concert will have as its main performer, the Beautiful Gate Performance Art Troupe from Malaysia. The “Live Free” concert will also showcase the talents of Tahanang Walang Hagdan Ballroom Dancers on Wheelchairs and Bahay Mapagmahal Rondalla on Wheels as well as invited mainstream bands supportive of our cause. We are expecting an audience of at least 1,000. We have enlisted support from broadcast (ABS-CBN,,, print, and online ( and media for ad strings and promotions.

BG Arts Troupe

Beautiful Gate Performance Art Troupe

Beautiful gate was awarded the Malaysia Book of Records for the largest participants in a wheelchair performance in the year 2000. We also represented Malaysia in the International Cultural & Arts for the Disabled.

Out of the love for the performing Arts, we manage to take up performing tour to Thailand, Singapore, Sabah,Sarawak, and all major cities in west Malaysia. All 14 states of Malaysia, we had been for charity performance.

Beautiful Gate Disabled Performing Arts Troupe was launched by Deputy Culture, Arts and Tourism Minister Datuk Fu Ah Kiow on August 13, 2003. It consists of 25 disabled performers and 5 volunteers.

We believes that disabilities do not prevent experiencing in beauty of arts, and aspired to bring to the disabled community, despite their disabilities, an aspiration to experience the beauty of Arts in this era.

Beautiful Gate hopes to provide an opportunity to the disabled community the joy of Performing Arts and allow it to be the media of communication with the society. It hopes to offer the disabled a future and hope of their own beside being an element of motivation of life to the able-body.

Objectives of Beautiful Gate Performing Arts Troupe are as follow:
  • To demonstrate the determination of learning and self development of persons with disabilities and transmit the message of determination effort to the public.
  • To increase accessibility, interest and understanding of the potential of people with disabilities.
  • To create job opportunities for individuals with disabilities.
  • To integrate people with disabilities with society .
  • To promote the greatness of loving and caring spirit

We have traditional dance, Ballroom dance, Modern dance, Hip Hop, Drama, Solo, and other media suitable for different tastes of varied audience.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beautiful Gate Concert at Summit

Enjoyable evening at Summit with Beautiful Gate Concert.

Fantastic show portraying great skills and wonderful costumes.

Sponsored by Lions club KL.

Sources: Rukun Tetangga SS2B's Blog

Monday, May 11, 2009

Gift of love for disabled

Monday, May 11th, 2009 04:51:00


PERKOBP president Peter Phang with Koh at a workshop

TWO associations aimed at developing opportunities for the physically and mentally challenged received RM18,000 from Cerebos as part of BRAND’s ‘Gift of Love’ campaign.

Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled and Pertubuhan Keluarga Orang-Orang Bermasalah Pemberlajaran (PERKOBP) received financial support from Cerebos to help them train and develop opportunities for the disabled. The money will go into a building fund for PERKOBP’s new premises that they are hoping to move into in a year or two.

“We firmly believe in nourishing the minds of those who are keen to learn but often not in the position to do so due to circumstances. We hope that the beneficiaries will be able to develop the necessary skills to lead independent lives,” said Koh Joo Siang, general manager of Cerebos Sdn Bhd.

Executive director of Beautiful Gate Foundation, Sia Siew Chin said the disabled, who are often seen as a burden to their families, are always seeking opportunities to be treated fairly and equally and to be productive members of the community.

For more information about the two organisations, visit or